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This is the legacy of European arts platform Black/North SEAS 2006-2010. And a tool for people who engage in transnational collaboration in Europe.

Black/North SEAS

SEAS was a major European platform for intersecting Arts with other sectors of society. The primary focus was the creation and distribution of interdisciplinary artworks on a transnational basis. Cultural operators, artists, public officials and scientists were connected in a four year long multi-lateral cooperation stretching from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

Evaluation & Reflections

SEAS Dock offers practical and strategic insight and guidance for people who engage in transnational collaboration in Europe. The extensive and focused process of evaluation was designed and conducted by Prof.Dr.Lidia Varbanova, in cooperation with SEAS team.

What did partners, artists, local hosts, authorities really think?

26 recommendations for future projects

Reflections on the evaluation by cultural analyst Dragan Klaic

Dive into the documentation

Watch one of the films on SEAS. Or find out more about the new 20 artistic productions of SEAS that were presented in the format of a traveling festival with events in 17 harbour cities and coastal towns – below.

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